South Africans urged to have wills as National Wills Week continues

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It is the National Wills Week in which everyone in the country is encouraged to seek free legal advice about creating a will.

Over 150 attorneys in the country are expected to help South Africans to create their wills free of charge throughout the week.

Thabo Mantyi, one of the lawyers that will offer his services, says having a will is very important as it could minimise disputes that may arise once a loved one has died.

“It speeds up the process of winding up of the Estate. Because in your will, you’ve nominated someone who’s going to wind up the estate. So, once a person has been appointed by will the process is quicker. Importantly, when there are minor beneficiaries, when you have kids, when it is a will you automatically create a trust. This trust is for the benefit of the children. So, the money that’s going to the children is kept in a trust which is very important.”

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