South Africans urged to be vigilant during the festive season

Metro police officer and a road safety bus.
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As the festive season kicks into high gear, the South African Police Service (SAPS) is urging people to be vigilant of their homes, vehicles and personal belongings. Consumers are also advised to be aware of any possible criminal activity in busy shopping malls.

SAPS’ General, Sharon Jeptha, says malls are a crime hotspot in December.

“We want to call on the public not to let their guard down; to make sure that they are at all times aware of what is happening around them. We have seen on social media, videos going viral where a person gets distracted on the one side and on the other side someone pickpockets them. So know who is in your space of reach. What people should do is tell their neighbours when they will be coming and leaving, so neighbours can be on the lookout. Speak to the neighbourhood watches in the area as well.”

The National Transport Department says many motorists are not heeding the rules of the road as travellers start to embark on their annual vacations. The Department has urged people to always wear a seat belt, avoid speeding, not to text and drive, never drink and drive. The Department has also urged pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings and not drink and walk on roads.

Transport department Spokesperson, Ishmael Mnisi, has conveyed the message from various agencies concerned with South Africa’s roads and traffic.

“The RTMC, the RTIA and SANRAL remind motorists and road users to obey the rules of the road. However, the response from our motorists is quite worrisome because we still have a lot of crashes happening. But still our male drivers contribute almost 78% of crashes that we have on our roads – so clearly there is a problem. Most affected are the pedestrians, so it indicates that those who aren’t even in a vehicle are the most affected.”

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