South Africans to brace for another Petrol price hike

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The Automobile Association (AA) says there’s a new urgency for a revision of South Africa’s petrol price structure amid yet another looming fuel price hike of almost R2 for a litre of 95 octane petrol in July.

The Central Energy Fund earlier said 93 octane could increase by R1,81 a litre and diesel by around R1,43 a litre. Illuminating paraffin is expected to jump by R1,66 a litre. The hikes could see petrol testing R27 a litre inland.

In a statement, the AA says the eventual decision on the fuel price adjustments should in future not solely reside with government, but should include the private sector and civil organisations.

General fuel levy

In May, the Western Cape Government urged the National Minister for Transport Fikile Mbalula to take immediate action on the escalating fuel price. Western Cape Minister of Mobility Daylin Mitchell says the escalating prices will make it more expensive to live, eat and travel in South Africa.

He says it will undoubtedly hit the most vulnerable residents the hardest. Mitchell says the national government has an obligation to limit the impact on residents by scrapping the general fuel levy.

”I call on the national Minister of Transport [Fikile] Mbalula to join the fight against the increase in the price of fuel, given the huge impact on the transport sector and adverse knock-on effect throughout the economy. Let’s start by jointly fighting for the scrapping of the general fuel levy to ease the impact of the record fuel price increases. Tonight’s increase is a big blow not only for motorists but for commuters who are already struggling to reach economic opportunities, especially in light of the failing rail system and rolling blackouts.”

 SA Petroleum Industry Association on the petrol hikes 31 May 2022: