International Relations says South Africans stuck in various parts of the world due to the coronavirus pandemic should make contact with South African Embassies in those countries.

The department says it currently working on assisting about 20 citizens in Morocco. A group of around 50 South Africans working for a construction company in Cameroon’s Douala City have pleaded with the government to assist them to urgently return home.

“What we’re asking South Africans to do,  one is to observe the regulations that have been placed by the governments of the countries where they are. Because they’re meant to protect not only the communities of those countries but everyone in terms of getting this virus not spreading.

“And we are asking them to try to contact our missions in the countries where they are, so they can register their names, so we know who and where they are and we’ll be able to liaise with them as more information comes to us as to what needs to happen,” says Ministry Spokesperson Lunga Nqgengelele.

Earlier this month a group of 114  South Africans were repatriated from Wuhan, China, the epicentre of the coronavirus. This, after calls from their families urging the government to act as the numbers of coronavirus cases were increasing. In the video below, repatriated South Africans arrive at Polokwane Gateway Airport: