Political commentator Oliver Dickson says those who are in leadership positions should know that South Africans are struggling to trust them ahead of the November 1 Local Government Elections.

Dickson’s comment follows the findings of a survey which was conducted by Afrobarometer, that found that many of those who participated believe that corruption has worsened under the current administration.

He says leaders should not take members of the public for granted.

Participants believe corruption has worsened under Ramaphosa’s administration:

“Regardless of how much they are doing, people are not trusting them. Leading without trust from the citizenry means you are leading with an illegitimate mandate, and that should be worrying to anyone who is in any form of leadership in the government right now,” says Dickson.

The report also deals with corrupt perceptions among traditional leaders who are not necessarily in state leadership.

Dickson says, “It also deals with corruption perception in the private sector which isn’t as prevalent as corruption perception in government but is also on the rise. That’s all in that report. The entire country should be worried.”