SA monitors situation in Zimbabwe

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The South African government says they are monitoring the situation in Zimbabwe.

President Jacob Zuma is currently chair of the SADC. The army has taken over Harare, the country’s capital, saying they are targeting criminal elements.

There have been reports of ministerial arrests and the First family placed under house arrest.

Head of Public Diplomacy in the International Relations Department, Clayson Monyela has issued caution to South Africans who are in Zimbabwe.

“Our advice to South Africans in Zimbabwe is one to maintain regular contact with our embassy in Harare. Secondly to go about doing their business observing the prevailing conditions on the ground, and therefore exercise caution. As you know one of the founding principles and statues of the AU with SADC as a region subscribed to be that we do not accept, nor recognise any unconstitutional change of government,” says Monyela.