South Africans in Uganda hope their votes will bring about change

Voting station
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South Africans living in Uganda cast their votes on Saturday.

The South African High Commission (SAHC) says about 80 nationals were registered to vote at the polling station in Kampala.

About half of the registered voters had turned up to cast their ballot by the afternoon.

The SAHC says the voting station was prepared and ready ahead of time to allow nationals to exercise their right to vote.

Many South Africans living in Uganda were excited to be taking part in this year’s national elections.

They believe their votes give them the right to bring the change they need to see in their country.

Many South Africans, including those living abroad, hope the new leadership will remove corruption and make reforms in education, power supply, health, and security.

Like all international polling stations, voting in Uganda closes on Saturday.

The ballot boxes will be sealed and flown to South Africa to wait for the final tallying of the results expected at the close of day on the 29th when other South Africans cast their ballot.

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-Report by Michael Baleke