A majority of online South Africans are confident that the national government is effectively addressing the threat posed by the spread of the coronavirus, even as lockdowns and closures force millions to isolate themselves.

They also expressed their confidence in international institutions in handling the crisis.

The poll results show that about six in every ten online South Africans expressed confidence in the South African Government (61%) dealing with the spread of the pandemic.

South African businesses are not yet viewed with confidence regarding COVID-19 as only slightly more than half (52%) expressed confidence in the institutions that should play a key role in keeping the economy going.

However, with more businesses taking bold and active steps to support communities during these difficult times, the result might change rapidly in the weeks to come.

In this video , Business Unity SA on panic around COVID-19:

Meanwhile the South African border control authorities is viewed rather negatively regarding their handling of the crisis, as half (50%) indated that they are not confident in the actions taken by the South African border control authorities to curb the inflow or outflow of possibly infected people into the country.