As South Africa begins to feel the real impact of climate change, experts have warned that it is vital to get insurance to mitigate the losses suffered during extreme weather.

In the past week, devastating floods caused by heavy rains impacted on thousands of lives in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.

More than 50 people have died and hundreds more have been displaced.

Insurance expert Nico Esterhuizen, from the South African Insurance Association, says with the high cost of living and increase in adverse weather conditions, South Africans should make sure they are insured against any losses or damages suffered.

He says: “We see changes in weather and I think everybody sees that and so as the risk changes, the climate risk changes and it becomes important for people to get cover. Also depending on where you live, you need to make sure you get the right kind of cover.”

“Whether its for flooding or its for fire, the cost of living is quite high and therefore we think in terms of survival you need to ensure that you can continue living as before those events.”