Many South Africans have celebrated the inauguration of President Cyril Ramaphosa. There are also high expectations and hopes about the country’s economy.

The community of Hluvukani village in the Bushbuckridge municipality in Mpumalanga say they are yet to feel and taste econimic emancipation.

In Gamalakhe on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, many young people watched the President’s inauguration on a big screen. The area has a history of political instability that has claimed many lives.

But the main concern of the youth is the high unemployment rate.

Many college graduates are forced to migrate to urban areas in search of work.

It was all eyes on the Presidential inauguration even in South African prisons. Security was in place  for prisoners to watch this momentous occasion.

Both male and female inmates at the Bethal Correctional facility in Mpumalanga have huge expectations.

The viewing opportunity is part of their rehabilitation. It allows them to be exposed to what’s going on beyond the prison walls.

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