South Africans are frustrated by corruption: Malema

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Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema says South Africans are getting increasingly frustrated because the country lacks an open, accountable and corruption-free government.

Delivering the party’s political report at the EFF’s second national people’s assembly at Nasrec, south of Johannesburg, Malema says South Africa needs a government that does not fear being victimised by state agencies.

“In this country, there’s only accountability for opponents of the incumbent, there’s very, very little rule of law. If by the rule of law we mean classic and principled ideas, that we must all be equal before the law, in South Africa some are more equal than others. In the recent past, our judiciary has not exercised the same strictness we saw when they were dealing with the constitutional delinquent in the form of the former President.”

Some 3800 delegates will elect the party’s top leadership on Saturday.

The EFF, which is the country’s third largest party, gained momentum in the last general election, scoring 6% of the national votes.

Malema also says South Africans have continued to live in poverty because of what he terms the inequality perpetrated by racists and capitalists. He says the EFF will not standby and watch the people of this country continue to live in abject poverty.

“It is this assembly that will arm the next generation of Economic Freedom Fighters with tools to fight the racist and capitalist establishments and to free our people from poverty. We must all leave here with renewed faith in our battle against oppression united with a common purpose which is to defeat enemies. We are here in what is known as the city of gold in a city regarded as the economic hub of the continent yet at the same time it is where our people in worst conditions.”