South Africans abroad in high spirits as they cast their ballots

South African voters abroad
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South Africa’s general elections are just over a week away. Citizens abroad, however, got to cast their votes over this weekend.

The Electoral Commission allows South Africans who no longer live in the country, to vote on who gets to govern the country.

A total of 76 580 people have registered to vote at South Africa’s 111 foreign missions around the world. We take a look at what transpired at a voting station in Ireland.

A lekker braai, and some South African music to welcome voters to the voting station. Even Springbok favourite, RG Snyman was spotted in line taking pictures, waiting to cast his vote.

One voter says, “A lot of people have come out, it is very exciting. They brought a lot of gees. Everyone was in their South African gear. So standing in the line was good we had some nice boerewors rolls which was great and like the process was pretty seamless as soon as we got into the building.”

“I know I came here to exercise my democratic vote but I had no idea it would give me a chance to connect with fellow South Africans and community and also just to understand how many South Africans there are in Ireland is truly inspiring,” says another voter.

Ireland is the fifth biggest foreign mission in terms of the number of voters. London tops the table with nearly 25 000 registered voters.

‘Want to see changes’

An ex-expat says they want to see changes happen in SA.  “Although I am an ex-pat, a foreigner living here in the Republic of Ireland, I still have lots of friends and family back home. We do want to see the changes happen in SA.

“I had a pretty enjoyable voting experience cause I find it all very exciting. The reason being – I like my voice being heard. I do like to speak. So just that little x, one vote can change a lot.”


In Stockholm, Sweden 500 voters are registered to vote. These voters will only receive a national compensatory ballot, on which the 52 political parties vying for seats in the National Assembly, will appear.

“I just voted for our national election from Stockholm Sweden. I was welcomed by the friendliest staff at the MC who were all smiles and who really made it feel a bit like home.”


Voting is continuing in London, United Kingdom, on Sunday.  This is the biggest voting station both in and outside South Africa.

There was an atmosphere of jubilation as South Africans got the chance to vote for the parties of their choice in the general elections.

SABC News correspondent, Sam Ashoo reports from London:

The elections are set to take place on May 29th.

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