The South African Council of Churches (SACC) will officially launch its anti-corruption campaign against the looting of COVID-19 funds on Sunday.

The SACC says its entire membership of all 36 churches and organisation will take part in the campaign.

The council says the launch will also be the beginning of the rolling out of a mass anti-corruption action during heritage month.

The SACC’s Church and Community Liaison Director, the Reverend Mzwandile Molo says the launch will start with a two hour online service at midday on Sunday where all church leaders meet, reflect and pray against corruption.

“The service is where we lament and protest against COVID-19 corruption, reclaiming our heritage. We are launching the service because we have declared September month as the SACC, the month of direct action against corruption.”

“We refuse for corruption to define who we are and our heritage. So as SACC we have decided to say that corruption is not our heritage. We are not defined by corruption and therefore we want to stand up against those who are corrupt in this country, even corrupt to the point of stealing away money that provides essential service to people who are dying.”

The government officials are in the spot light following corruption allegation and looting of state funds.

In this video below, ANC in Gauteng vowed to act decisively against corruption: