South Africa remains relatively stable: Mahlobo

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The ANC’s Peace and Stability Commission Chairperson, David Mahlobo, has raised concerns regarding private security companies using the same uniform as law enforcement agencies.

And despite some security disruptions globally and on the continent, he said South Africa remains relatively stable.

Mahlobo says the governing party is looking into dealing with incidents where people have had access to police uniforms and blue lights.

“It’s safe to say that we did an assessment of the security situation in the world and reconfirmed that SA remains relatively stable. On private security, nothing has changed but a discussion and a possible regulation with respect with private security is using the same uniform, like our law enforcement agencies, it creates some challenges. We know that there have been incidents of criminality where people have access to clothing, to blue lights and other things and we said let’s deal with that issue.”

Mahlobo said the present ratio of police to citizens 1:300 will be phased in over the next five years to 1:150.

Briefing media on the Peace and Stability Commission, Mahlobo  said however there must be some discussion around issues of correctional services, and in particular prisoner transfers.

He says that policies around the movement of people across borders must be revisited in line with African Union (AU) requirements.

Meanwhile, the ANC has resolved that all cases of corruption within government must be investigated with speed. The ANC elective conference says there is no reason why there haven’t been any arrests, after convictions of any form of misconduct or corruption within all the government institutions.

“We done a lot of investigations but reports are sitting; and we want those people to be brought to court. Go to municipalities and we have people sitting there. And in the provinces there are Auditors reports sitting there. Public Protector’s reports that are including the SIU. And the ANC says there is no room for corruption – we just have to implement the things that are there, including anti-corruption agencies, they must just improve their coordination so that they become effective.”

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