South Africa lacks clear strategy to alleviate poverty: Mashugane

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Chief Executive Officer of 2020 Insight, Karabo Mashugane, says poverty is likely to worsen in the country because the government lacks a clear strategy to alleviate it.

Mashugane says the government has introduced many initiatives to deal with poverty but they lack a unifying strategy.

He says poverty can only be curbed where there is economic stability and growth, a foundation on which jobs can be created.

“Everybody agrees that we need to create jobs, small businesses are keen to creating jobs but as to how those are done and how to grow the economy, I think we simply do not have a clear sort of strategy, a clear theory, an elegant theory, a simplified theory that all of us can sort of understand and then will be able to respond whether as investors, whether its small businesses,” says Mashugane.

Alleviating poverty and inequality in South Africa: