Soup goes gourmet as chefs prepare 67 000 litres of soup for Mandela Day

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Soup has gone gourmet as the HTA culinary school in Randburg, Johannesburg, on Sunday prepared soup for International Nelson Mandela Day.

The chefs aimed for 67 000 litres of soup.

From small kitchens to the more state-of-the-art culinary school, more than 270 participants across the country joined the #67 000 litres.

The soup was distributed to at least 268 000 people from various vulnerable communities across the country.

Chefs with Compassion says the drive is also aimed at raising awareness that 10 million tons of food goes to waste while over 20 million people go hungry every day.

The event made over 70 000 litres of soup last year.

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CrossFit community

Also as part of Mandela Day celebrations, the South African CrossFit community members warmed themselves with a ‘burden carry’ to raise funds to open a gym in Vilakazi Street, Soweto.

Crossfitters participated as individuals and as teams to carry a minimum of 10 kilograms for 67 minutes.

Vanessa Mohamed is one of the organisers of Project Fit South Africa.

She says the gym will be the first functional fitness gym in the area, and will inspire youth to live healthy, active lifestyles while promoting social cohesion.

“You know we feel like our lives have been changed through sports and fitness and want to be able to pass it on to people who might not necessarily have access to it. Basically trying to empower the youth of Soweto,” says Mohamed.