SONA: President Ramaphosa to speak to young people

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has addressed the most important members of our society on Wednesday, the South African youth.

The youth in the country are also the most vulnerable in the tough economy that has left 50% of them unemployed.

President Ramaphosa urged young people around the country to watch or listen to his State of the Nation Address on Thursday.

While he’s not promising any miracles, he’s promised details that will be significant to challenges facing young people.

With young people forming a large number of unemployed people in the country, the President says issues affecting the country’s young will feature extensively in his State of the Nation Address.

The President has called on the youth to tune in when he outlines his plans.

“Tomorrow the State of the Nation address will cover extensively issues facing young people. So please stay-tuned on the radio and television. Don’t sleep too early.”

Earlier on Wednesday, President Ramaphosa said he will take the country into his confidence, putting the final touches to his speech, with input from a 17-year-old pupil.

South Africans are expecting clear direction and concrete plans to get the country on a growth path.

Sinoyolo Qumba is a learner at Gibson Pillay Academy in Orange Farm in the Vaal. She is lending a hand to the President as he’s finalising his speech. Tasked to rekindle the country’s fortunes, Ramaphosa was grateful for some sound advice. Education, jobs and security topped the list.

EFF’s threat 

While the President wants the youth to stay awake, the rest of the country will surely be awake, especially after the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) threatened to disrupt Thursday’s proceedings.

The President has been mum on the EFF’s threat at this event, but National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) chairperson had something to say.

Sfiso Mstweni says, “Stand up and deliver SONA , don’t be scared every house has its mosquitos. You just need doom to remove them.”

With just hours left before his State of the Nation Address, the President continued his focus on young people – urging them to excel passionately in whatever career path they choose.

“They are trailing ablaze as engineers, scientists and some as farmers. Others as comedians and making jokes about us politicians. Our country is replete with young people with lots of talent,” says President Ramaphosa.

Click video below: President Cyril Ramaphosa participates in the pre-SONA dialogue with young entrepreneurs:


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