Cosatu is demanding that Thursday’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) must include interventions needed to restructure the economy.

The labour federation says it expects President Cyril Ramaphosa to outline how more labour-absorbing and decent jobs will be created and how SMMEs will be assisted to gain access to credit.

Cosatu also wants more information on plans aimed at strengthening public institutions and the mining sector.

The federation’s president Zingiswa Losi says in Cosatu’s experience, policies discussed and agreed to in the alliance, do not always find their way into goverment’s programmes.

She says at one point someone said the labour federation has been raising issues that have been raised since the new dispensation.

“It’s 25 years, now and we say the reason why we continue to raise them is because nothing has happened. So we are raising these issues that are our expectations because we want to see now the president speaking more on how these things will be achieved because in black and white it is fine but we want to see how the plan is to be implemented.”