The son of a Democratic Alliance (DA) Western Cape Provincial Member of Parliament (MPL) has been accused of raping five school girls. The 17-year-old allegedly confessed on Instagram to one of the rapes.

The MP, the boy’s father, was cleared of rape in 2011, later claiming that he was “too sexy” to rape anyone.

His son’s victims say that the 17-year-old boasts that he can rape whoever he wants because his father will protect him.

“If I want I can rape you, I can rape anyone I want and I will get away with it because I am untouchable,” the boy allegedly said.

The victims also allege that the boy’s school principal did not act after they reported the sexual assault claims. They allege that she once told a victim that she is not responsible for what happens during break time.

One of the victims says that she was sexually assaulted by the boy at a guesthouse. She alleges that the boy started  touching and kissing her and when she objected, he said that he would make her feel good. She said even when she changed chairs, he kept following her until she shouted at him, demanding that he stops his advances.

Another detailed her horror on an Instagram post, an incident which she says occurred during a church youth evening. She says she pressed charges against her former friend but then dropped out of the process because she was terrified of facing him in court alone as her mother couldn’t be there. She plans resuscitating the case.

The alleged perpetrator’s friend says that she was told by him of his alleged rapes. She says he admitted to one rape and said that he would lie about the victim in court as his father holds a prominent position in Parliament.

“What triggered me is the part where he said he’s going to lie about her in court because his dad holds a high position in the DA so they are going to believe him. Anyway, who’s going to believe a girl who posts pictures half naked?”

The friend alleges that when she called him out for his words, the boy started screaming at her and saying that her parents were not well known like his parents. He also told her that if he wanted, he could rape her too because he is untouchable.

South Africans have erupted in anger on social media, calling for the boy’s arrest.

The teenager’s father is yet to comment on the matter.

The accusations come as the country continues to seek solutions to the scourge of violence against women and children.