Some taxi operators ignore Santaco’s call to load to 100% capacity

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Some taxi operators say they will not fill their taxis to capacity – as indicated by South African National Taxi Council (Santaco) and the National Taxi Alliance (NTA).

The taxi associations have also resolved that long-distance operators will resume work without permits.

Santaco has accused the Transport Ministry of failing to come to agreements over taxi operations amid lockdown regulations.

The taxi drivers at the Bree Taxi Rank have indicated that they are not taking part in filling their vehicles to capacity.

In the video below, some taxi operators say they will not fill up to 100 percent capacity:

Santaco vows to load at 100% capacity

On Sunday, Santaco has warned law enforcement agencies that if one vehicle is impounded for loading at 100% capacity and travelling to other provinces, they will bring the country to a standstill.

Santaco’s leadership made the announcement at a media briefing after Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula yet again cancelled a meeting with the industry.

They are also demanding that all taxis that were impounded at the start of the lockdown be released.

Santaco President, Phillip Taaibosch says, “We are aware that law enforcement will want to impound our taxis. Our vehicles have been impounded since day one of the lockdown with a charge of at least R5 000. Tomorrow, we will not accept any form of impounding. Operators will have no option, but to park all their taxis countrywide until the impounded taxis are released and we are allowed to continue with our work.”

In the video below, Santaco briefs the media: