Some South Africans remain politically homeless ahead of LGE 2021

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There are just a few hours left until election day on Monday, 1 November, but some South Africans find themselves politically homeless. They say they are still unsure who to vote for.

To be politically homeless means one that can’t position themselves on the political spectrum.

The global coronavirus pandemic affected communities around the world, including different sectors of society.

For many South Africans seeking to navigate a world turned upside down by the pandemic, the upcoming local government elections became an afterthought.

LGE 2021 I Some South Africans find themselves politically homeless

Multi-Award winning South African Journalist & Media Entrepreneur, Mpho Lakaje, has also found himself politically homeless.

“There’s just too much mediocrity out there and frankly, I don’t want to associate with mediocrity,” says Lakaje.

Lakaje says he has considered different political parties, but remain unconvinced.

Some South Africans say voting has not made a difference in their lives – particularly in the services they receive.


Report by Philile Nzimande