The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has told the Special Tribunal Court that some companies contracted to deep clean and sanitise Gauteng schools were sometimes paid 27 times more than what was previously paid to other service providers.

According to the SIU, several of the companies that were paid were not registered on the central service database.

The SIU on Wednesday heard its review application at the Special Tribunal in relation to the irregular awarding of a tender for school decontamination.

The tender cost the Gauteng Education Department R431-million.

The SIU wants the contract reviewed, set aside and monies paid out recovered.

SIU legal representative, Matthew Chaskalson, told the court that none of the service providers were accredited for the services they delivered.

“The evidence shows that the service providers in this instance were grossly overpaid. The SIU compared the amounts to respondents service to those paid to service providers at other schools appointed before the procurement process for the provision of similar services. This comparison shows that the fees paid to service providers appointed under the procurement process were 11 to 27 times higher than those paid to the other providers,” says Chaskalson.

SIU hears the R431 million schools decontamination contracts review application


In September, the Gauteng Department of Education and Youth Development served three senior managers with charges after an SIU investigation on the use of funds for the decontamination of schools in Gauteng.

While the investigation into the mismanagement of funds is still ongoing, the department says they will not rule out the possibility of charging others.

Gauteng Education Department Spokesperson on over million being spent on Gauteng schools decontamination: