Some schools still waiting for substitute and extra teachers – Naptosa

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The National Professional Teachers Organisation of South Africa (Naptosa) says a number of schools have raised concerns that they are still waiting for substitute and extra teachers to be deployed to schools.
This, as most grades return to school on Monday morning, with some grades getting days off weekly, amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Teachers who are considered vulnerable to COVID-19 due to age and comorbidities – had applied to the Department of Basic Education – and are allowed to stay at home.

Naptosa’s Executive Director, Basil Manuel, says the limited number of teachers at schools is posing risks for the curriculum to be completed…

“Whilst there were a limited number of learners at school, other teachers were asked to fill in and that seems to have worked in most places. However, now that we have a large cohort of kids returning, that is not going to work. That is why we need those appointments. To date we have only seen a meaningful movement in two of our nine provinces to get the replacements done on time, and that is most disconcerting.”

In the video below, Naptosa on reopening of schools: