Some regulations provided for in the Disaster Management Act remain in place: Legal expert

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Legal expert Modidima Mannya, says the lifting of the National  State of Disaster by President Cyril Ramaphosa, does not mean that the regulations provided for in the disaster management act automatically disappear.

President Ramaphosa said during the announcement that the rules on mask-wearing indoors still remain, as well as rules pertaining to crowd control measures at indoor and outdoor events.

Below is the full interview with Modidima Mannya:

Mannya says anyone who does not comply with the remaining restrictions is breaking the law.

“There are national disaster regulations which have not been removed in their entirety. There are those ones that the President has highlighted, [they] remain in force. So, what the President has done, he has removed the Declaration of the State of Disaster,” explains Mannya.

“He has retained some control measures for the next 30 days, which is still permissible, in terms of the National Disaster Management Act. So, if anybody does not comply, that person would be in contravention of the National Disaster Management Act,” adds Mannya.


Video | President Ramaphosa addresses the nation: 04 April 2022



Below is the full document from the President: