Some QwaQwa polling stations in the dark due to load shedding

IEC officials seal ballot box
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Some residents of QwaQwa say they were hopeful that there would be no load reduction today, however, they were met with disappointment as some of the voting stations are operating in darkness in some parts of the area.

Voters were using cellphone torches to cast their votes in one of the voting stations situated at Sekgothadi Primary School in Thabana-Tsoana village

Residents say Maluti-a-Phofung municipality undertakes power reductions for up to four hours daily.

Paseka Nkutha cast his vote without lights, he says it was disappointing and frustrating to vote in such conditions.

“I had other important errands to do in the afternoon and I saw it better come at this time. I thought of waiting for the power to come back but I see it’s not coming back soon. I was disappointed with how things went, I didn’t expect the power to be off today even though it’s something we are used to in this area. I thought Election Day would be different.”