Some Putco commuters protest against new smart card system

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Members of the Batho Pele Soweto Commuters Forum have marched in Soweto, protesting against the new smart card system that was introduced by bus company Putco, last month.

The forum is calling for the suspension of this new smart tab system saying that sometimes when it’s offline they can’t use the buses.

The forum’s chairperson, Mandla Cebekhulu, says the system has created a lot of problems for commuters.

“We have a series of problems pertaining to the new smart tab Putco bus system. The problem with this thing is that the system is very slow, on the bus when people try to tag in, that causes people to be late at work. This was introduced in Eldorado Park in January, and it was rolled out in Soweto, last month. But I think Putco, never learned the errors that occurred at Eldos. The problems still continue, the trips disappear from these cards,” adds Cebekhulu.

Below is the full interview with Mandla Cebekhulu: