Some Jan Kempdorp residents call for halt in electricity project

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Some residents of two informal settlements at Jan Kempdorp in the Northern Cape are calling for the electricity installation project in the area to be halted.

Residents of Kingston Extension and Angela King informal settlements say the project, which is meant to cater for some 300 households, is overlooking their long-standing demands for electricity.

The Phokwane Municipality maintains not everyone can benefit during this first phase of the project.

The residents shared the following sentiments.

“We are not okay and our hearts are broken. You can’t install electricity on one side and not the other. So this construction must be stopped,” says one resident.

Another resident shares, “We are hurt because we can see utility poles being installed but we are not included. We want to know what their plan is with us because we have been waiting for a long time with the hope that we are getting electricity”.