Some areas will be without power for up to four hours, warns City Power

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Johannesburg’s City Power has warned residents that some areas will be without power for up to four hours instead of two hours – under Stage 6 load shedding.

Stage 6 load shedding started from 2 pm on Thursday and will continue until midnight.

The power utility says the continued unprotected strike is making it difficult for it to keep the systems stable.

Stage 6 will again be implemented from 5 am until midnight on Friday.

City Power Spokesperson Isaac Mangena says these are the undesirable effects of load shedding that everyone has to live with until Eskom’s capacity challenges are resolved.

“Load shedding Stage 6 is really causing shocks and challenges for City Power and our customers. According to Eskom’s schedule, we have realised that during the higher stages of load shedding, especially Stage 6 or 8, should we get there, there will be customers in some blocks who will be shed for four hours instead of the two hours that we normally load shed people. It also means that customers should brace themselves to be load shed for three or four times daily,” adds Mangena.

The video below is reporting on Stage 6 rolling blackouts: