Solly Mapaila wants unity for alliance partners

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The South African Communist Party (SACP) has called for unity among its alliance partners, to take government programmes to the people of South Africa.

The organisation says there is a current trend where an individual makes decisions without consulting the Alliance. This includes amongst others the expulsion of the SACP’s Secretary, Blade Nzimande and Pravin Gordhan from cabinet.

SACP Deputy Secretary, Solly Mapaila says there should be no divisions within the Alliance partners but instead the individual in question should vacate his position.

“The SACP is an independent organisation. You cannot enter into an alliance if you are not an independent organisation, but what we did in 1994 was to prefer a situation where we have a united electoral programme with the ANC and with the other alliance partners… because we understand that if we were divided we were going to fall. The reason why we were able to bring down the apartheid regime it’s because we were united.”