Solidarity Fund to make payment for COVID-19 vaccine next week

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The Solidarity Fund says it will be making a R327 million down payment toward a COVID-19 vaccine as early as next week.  The Deputy Chairperson of the Fund, Adriaan Enthoven, says the pre-payment will help to secure a vaccine for 10% of the South African population.

He says while healthcare workers and a highly vulnerable segment of the population may be prioritised, the allocation of the vaccine will ultimately be decided by government.

Enthoven was delivering a virtual presentation at the Solidarity Fund’s Impact report release.

“As you know from what’s been shared we’ve committed around R320 odd million and, actually just to be clear, the amount that we’ve committed is actually a dollar amount, it’s around $19.2m so the strengthening of the rand certainly will help in our favour. But that is the deposit that was required, over 15% deposit required to vaccinate 10% of our population.”

Last week, Minister Tito Mboweni dismissed reports that the government has missed the deadline for the down payment.  He assured the country that the deadline for the payment is 15 December.

Mboweni says Solidarity Fund is ready to make a down payment: