Solidarity Fund receives R1,6 billion in pledges

Solidarity Fund
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The Solidarity Fund has received R1,6 billion in its bank account out of all total pledges it has received to spend on measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus and provide relief to affected people.

Speaking via a virtual media briefing, the Fund’s Head of Fundraising, Paul Bondi says they have received R2,6 billion in pledges in one month of the fund’s existence.

It was set up with R150 million seed capital donated by the state. The fund will also launch a website this week to provide daily updates on pledges received and the distribution of money.

Bondi says businesses and individuals have contributed to the fund.

Food parcels and medical equipment

The Fund says it’s prepared to works with any registered supplier to procure food parcels and medical equipment. Fund’s Lead of Healthcare Interventions, Jonathan Broomberg says anyone who can provide quality products at a good price can do business with the Fund.

“We are working hard to ensure that any valid supplier who can provide us access to good equipment at good prices is able to sell into the BSA procurement systems -working hard with all suppliers that are part of the Black Business Council any valid supplier who can provide a good order with good equipment at a good price is being considered and we are procuring from them.”

Other pledges:

President Cyril Ramaphosa earlier this month announced a one-third salary cut for himself, the Deputy President, Ministers, their deputies and Premiers.

The money will go into the Solidarity Fund that has been set up to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

In the video below, President Cyril Ramaphosa announces that government has set up a Solidarity Fund to support lives disrupted by COVID-19:

Political parties contribute to Solidarity Fund

The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Wednesday announced that it would be contributing R1.5 million to the Solidarity Fund. The party said the contribution is aimed at assisting small businesses in distress as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

DA Spokesperson, Solly Malatsi, said on Wednesday that the party recognises that it’s important for all roleplayers in society to play their part in acting in the best interests of the country during this time.

“The Democratic Alliance’s Federal Executive has resolved to make a financial contribution of R1.5 million to the Solidarity Fund to assist small businesses in distress as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The financial contribution is drawn from the salaries of DA public representatives. In addition, we will be distributing sanitisers worth R200 000 to essential workers who are at the forefront of fighting this pandemic.”


The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) also heeded the call by President Cyril Ramaphosa and on Saturday pledged R500 000 to the Solidarity Fund. The contribution will be sourced from the party’s public representatives.

The party’s President Velenkosini Hlabisa said on Saturday that the contribution is the party’s small and personal effort to help South Africans.

“The threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated drastic measures in the form of the national lockdown to slow down the rate of transmissions and to flatten the curve. This contribution will be sourced from IFP Public Representatives through the Office of the IFP Treasurer-General. Our demonstrations of solidarity need not be monetary, but through our small and personal efforts we can all help each other as South Africans.”

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) also announced in a statement last week Thursday that the party’s public representatives will be contributing a third of their salary to the Solidarity Fund.