Solar pilot project to be launched at TVET Colleges to combat SA’s energy crisis

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The Western Cape Government, through the Premier’s Council on Skills, has launched a Solar Photovoltaic Technician qualification pilot project at the West Coast College.

According to the Western Cape government website, the project was inspired by the bout of load shedding which was a reminder to urgently decisively tackle South Africa’s energy crisis.

The qualification, which will be rolled out at several Technical Vocational Education and Training colleges, focuses on the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of solar panels.

Provincial Economic Opportunities Minister Mireille Wenger says the programme will equip learners with the necessary skills so they can contribute to the province’s push for a green economy.

Wenger adds, “Any measurement of success of a transition to a green economy must include investing in the right talent pipelines that meet the needs of a cleaner and greener future. We cannot hope to take full advantage of the immense potential of a green economy if we do not invest in the right qualifications, the right skills and the right experience for jobs available now and in the future.”

Numerous benefits

Many benefits of launching the programme is that learners will become “work-ready” before the first workplace assignment; and able to contribute to the business; the learners will benefit from high-quality teaching in the latest PV technology infrastructure and employers will receive a “hosting stipend” to pay the learners.

Wenger says solar PV forms part of the Western Cape Government’s drive toward a green economy. “We have a strong green economy ecosystem,… We are working hard to cultivate this.” she adds.