Students at Sol Plaatje University in Kimberley are finding practical technological solutions to problems faced by their communities.

ICT students at the institution have designed an App that can be used by the provincial Robert Sobukwe Hospital to address challenges.

This is an automated hospital emergency service from patient file creation to medication issuing and patient referrals.

The App is currently on display at the University for the annual National Science Week exhibition.

ICT student Kabelo Tshakela says that physical folders are easily lost and can lead to the compromise of doctor-patient confidentiality.

“With the physical folder, it can be easily lost or misplaced and most staff members have access to the patients’ medical history, which means that the patience-and-doctor confidentiality can be easily compromised. So, with our application, we want to close that gap and speed up the process.”

ICT student Anthony Khan says the Automated Hospital Emergency Service App is created for advancement and convenience.

“We realised that when you are underprivileged, there is a higher chance that you will be exposed to poorer health care services; like your records won’t be kept, or your file can go missing and things like that. So, with our App, it doesn’t matter whether you are privileged or underprivileged, we can still capture your data in a very efficient and structured way.”

The exhibition aims to inspire young scientists.

Student Tlotlang Smous says that the combination of technology and science can achieve great things.

“I think it is important hence there is this so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. Technology is also taking over. So, if you combine technology into science, I believe you can do great things.”

The National Science Week, which started on Saturday, will end on 3 August.