Sol Plaatjie Municipality says water will soon be restored

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The Sol Plaatje Municipality in Kimberley says water will soon be restored to the city.

The city has been without water since last Thursday when it was cut to repair the bulk water infrastructure.

Large parts of the city remain without water, despite a promise by the municipality that water would be restored by Monday morning.

“Sol Plaatje Municipality Spokesperson, Thoko Riet, says: “We were working on the main pipelines of the Goga, the Roodepan take-off and the 3 SAI military base. There were severe leaks on those pipelines. The low-lying areas have already started receiving water from Riverton. Meanwhile, in the high-laying areas, we have just turned on the newton reservoir, they should be receiving water from now on.”

In the video below, Reporter Reginald Witbooi spoke to Thoko Riet last week on the water interruptions: