An independent social worker testifying in the pre-sentencing of Alutha Pasile, the man convicted of the murder of Nosicelo Mtebeni, has told the East London High Court that she doubts he has shown remorse. In her report, Nomonde Stamper, says the fact that Pasile took time to apologise to the Mtebeni family, raises reasonable doubt as he had ample time to come forward.

On Monday, a letter by Pasile apologising to the Mtebeni family was read out in court. Mtebeni was a fourth-year law student at University of Fort Hare when she was murdered. Her family has since rejected Pasile’s apology.

“I doubt his remorse because of the time he took to take responsibility for the offence. Taking responsibility is a continuum; it’s not a yes or no answer. You need to feel the pain, the damage that you have caused on the other end. So with him, he took time because he disposed of the body and left the head and the arms, with the hope of continuing with the same offence. Now I am wondering what? Where did the remorse come now?” Stamper elaborates.

Alutha Pasile who pleaded guilty to murder, back in court for pre-sentencing

Nosicelo was killed in August and her body parts were found in a suitcase which was dumped outside a house in Quigney,  East London.