Condolence messages are pouring in on social media following the death of AKA’s fiancée. The 22-year-old passed away on Sunday morning in Cape Town. While unconfirmed reports have pointed to a suicide, the Forbes and Tembe families did not divulge Anele Tembe’s cause of death but only said she had been in a tragic incident.

The families have issued a statement expressing regret over her death describing it as untimely. The families say they are still in shock.

Tembe’s body was found on a street in Cape Town. She allegedly jumped to her death from the top of a hotel building.

Police have opened an inquest docket.

Tembe’s fiancé, Kiernan Forbes, known to his fans as AKA, is said to be inconsolable.

The Tembe and Forbes families described Anele as an exceptional and gifted young woman who had a promising life ahead of her.

Tembe is said to have had depression and had tried taking her life last year but didn’t go through with it after the police intervened.

South Africans have been sending condolences to the artist and both families. Some have even thrown witchcraft accusations, against AKA’s former love interests, into the mix. A claim slated by many, who even urged the accused women to sue.