Social grants are the reason the ANC has a grip on voters: Motsoeneng

Social grants
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Leader of African Content Movement (ACM) Hlaudi Motsoeneng says social grants are the reason the ruling party has a grip on voters. Motsoeneng emphasized that people need to be employed and paid better salaries. He says it is not sustainable to have the whole of society depending on social grants.

Motsoeneng was speaking during the launch of his party’s Implementation Plan in QwaQwa, Free State, promising the electorate what they stand to gain if they vote him into power.

Motsoeneng says it’s up to the voters whether they want to vote for hunger and lies or to vote for life.

Throwing shade at the ANC for what he describes as selling lies to residents for years, he says his party is offering action and change. Motsoeneng believes that all of South Africa’s social ills stem from the high unemployment rate.

The ACM leader says the country needs investors who will stimulate the economy and help create employment. And that can only be achieved if the basics including roads, electricity and water are in place.

Motsoeneng elaborates, “So, what we need to do in South Africa, we need to attract investors. You know the solution for South Africa is to attract local and international investors. How do we attract them, we must fix electricity, water and roads. If we do those, investors will run to South Africa.”

ACM supporters say they see Motsoeneng as a symphathetic leader. They believe that because he hails from QwaQwa he will be able to understand their struggles.

They had this to say:

“I trust and believe in our leader, he has shown that he can deliver.”

“Our president is a real man, he is the man of his word. I know he can deliver what he promised.”

“He is the son who was born in QwaQwa, we are facing many challenges now I say to everyone that this is the right time, please go on the 29th.”

The ACM asked for people to give it three years to deliver on its promises. The party leader has vowed that if he fails to deliver, he will resign.

“For me six months, I deal with budget after that what else? Implementation, you will just implement, I don’t consult a lot. I can’t consult about people not having employment and consult people whether they have water or electricity.”

Motsoeneng promised that under his leadership every ward will have a factory to employ both the educated and uneducated.

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