Social development department to amend Adoption Act

Lumka Oliphant
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The Department of Social Development has said that adoption agencies should not charge money for adoptions as it is not a business but a protection measure.

According to the department, the state is already taking financial responsibility for all designated child protection services, which must include adoption services.

The department started consultations to amend the Adoption Fee Clause in the Children’s Act in 2016.

The department’s spokesperson Lumka Oliphant says adoptions should be free and accessible to everyone.

Speaking on Morning Live, Oliphant says we cannot commodify children, whether one is in rural or urban areas, they should be able to adopt.

She also says currently, government social workers are not involved in adoptions but with the amendment, they want their social workers to be able to facilitate adoptions.

“This is to make sure adoption processes are the same everywhere,” says Oliphant.

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