Social Development commends national strategic plan on gender-based violence

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The Department of Social Development says much has been achieved in the two years since the national strategic plan on gender-based violence and femicide was adopted.

This is despite a worsening rate of violence against women and children with recent cases including that of the murdered four-year-old Bokgabo Poo, whose recovered body was found missing some parts.

The department says it has started a series of dialogues with communities, and civil society organisations on the implementation of the strategy.

Chief Director for social crime, and substance abuse at the Department of Social Development Siza Magangoe says there’s progress in measures put in place to help victims.

“We’ve achieved three-legislations, our bail conditions have changed, our domestic violence amendment act has also been approved in cabinet, which further favours the victims. We also have a sexual offences act, that was also amended and which also makes sure that the needs of the victims are served. Besides the legislation, from our side, we’ve been working with shelters as well, to improve the services in the shelters,” explains Magangoe.

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