Health practitioners at the 17th World Conference on Tobacco, say smokeless tobacco is as dangerous as any other regular cigarette.

They say about 300-million people are believed to use smokeless cigarettes throughout the world, the majority of whom are in Asia.

Dr Ravi Mehrota, the director of the Smokeless Tobacco Programme of the World Health Organisation says there’s a need for education on the deadly effects of the products.

“It is nearly as deadly as smoking and there are 336 million people who use smokeless tobacco all over the world, the problem is it causes a lot of oral diseases, causes cancer of the oral cavity, of the pancreas and various other parts of the body, and it is also associated with cardiac or heart problems and also, think of all the money that is spent on smokeless tobacco that cause people to go to poverty and that money should be used on education or on health instead of pockets of companies that make tobacco.”

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