Skweyiya never failed to impress: Jordan

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Former African National Congress (ANC) National Executive Committee member Pallo Jordan says deceased ANC Stalwart Dr Zola Skweyiya’s work never failed to impress.

Speaking at the funeral service of  Skweyiya at the Christian Revival Church in Pretoria, Jordan says he has known Skweyiya since they were teenagers. Jordan says Skweyiya will be remembered for his intervention as  Minister of Social Development.

Skweyiya was instrumental in the formation of the Social Security Services.

“While it is not the solution to poverty, ” Jordan says, it ensures that no child goes to bed with having not eaten. According to Jordan, Sweyiya was a private person.  “He found it difficult to share what he considered to be private even with friends. He did not confide easily .”

He added that Skweyiya was a good friend.

Advocate Sandile Nogxina says Skweyiya was modest. Giving a tribute to Skweyiya, Nogxina says Skweyiya was kind and had a generous spirit. Nogxina was Skweyiya’s Special Advisor when the deceased was the Minister of Public Administration.

Speaking at the funeral, Skweyiya’s son, Vuyo, says his father was not the easiest person to get along with at home. Speaking at his father’s funeral service at the Christian Revival Church in Pretoria, Vuyo says him and his siblings always relied on their mother to mellow him down.

“He easily got irritated and was stubborn. Mama was the only person who could mellow him down.” Vuyo has thanked their mother for supporting Skweyiya when he was in hospital.

“You never missed a visit, not a single day. You never gave up on daddy. You had the staunch belief that he will be back from hospital.”

Vuyo also thanked those that have supported the family since the announcement of Skweyiya’s death. Representing the MKVA retired General Wilson Nqose says the country has lost a great leader.  He says Sweyiya was sensitive to the needs of ordinary people. He says Skweyiya always went beyond the call of duty to help those in need.

Among the dignitaries attending the funeral service is President Cyril Ramaphosa and former President Thabo Mbeki.