Six South Africans evacuated from Mozambique following Palma attack

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The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) says it has successfully evacuated six South Africans and the remains of one person from Mozambique following the attack on the town of Palma in northern Mozambique, where dozens were killed, thousands displaced and some remain missing.

Adrian Nel’s body back home:

Insurgents hit the town, adjacent to gas projects worth $60 billion, with a three-pronged attack last Wednesday.

Islamic State claimed the attack via its Amaq news agency, saying its fighters had taken control of the town after days of clashes with security forces. They had killed at least 55 people including a number of soldiers, destroyed and taken control of buildings including factories and banks, and seized vehicles, it said.

The evacuation of South Africans was carried out by the South African Air Force (SAAF).

Upon arrival in KwaZulu-Natal, all those aboard the SAAF plane were tested for COVID-19.

In a statement, DIRCO says the South African High Commission in Maputo is still handling the situation.

“The South African High Commission in Maputo remains seized with the situation in northern Mozambique and will continue to render consular services to any more distressed South Africans needing assistance.”

Rescue efforts continue post ISIS attack in Palma:

DIRCO has thanked the government of Mozambique for assisting South Africans that were affected by the terror attacks.

South Africa’s Ambassador to Mozambique Siphiwe Nyanda weighs in on the matter:

At least 12 South African citizens are believed to be part of the Isis-linked group that attacked the town of Palma, raising concerns among South African security experts.