SIU confirms Friday arrest of Roger Nkumise

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The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) says that the former municipal manager of the Moretele Local Municipality in the North West has been arrested.

Roger Nkhumise was arrested last Friday for allegedly contravening the Municipal Finance Management Act and the irregular awarding of a multi-million rand IT tender.

Nkhumise is accused of unlawfully appointing Flame IT Strategy to render services to the municipality to the tune of R215 million. The municipality took over the contract from the Madibeng Local Municipality.

SIU spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago says, “The arrest of Nkhumise follows an investigation conducted by the SIU, which revealed that the municipality increased the scope of work with two addendums to the original contract without following processes governing municipal procurement of goods and services.”

Kganyago says, “Furthermore, the SIU investigation revealed that the price from that of the original contract between Madibeng Municipality and Flame IT are definitely not in sync with the pricing between Moretele Municipality and Flame IT. Madibeng paid Flame IT approximately R64 million for a similar service…”

“The SIU probe revealed that Moretele is paying way more than what Madibeng Municipality paid Flame IT for a similar service,” adds Kganyago.