The situation is tense at the Durban University of Technology, the morning after a 24 year-old student was shot and killed.

Students are pacing  Steve Biko street and hanging around street corners. It is alleged that a scuffle broke out between campus security and students.

Two other people were injured when three rounds of ammunition were fired, allegedly by campus security.

Standing outside what is now a crime scene, blood splatters are visible on the ground, the glass door entering SRC House is almost shattered.

Police have confirmed that four suspects have been arrested.

The EFF in KwaZulu-Natal say the four suspects belong to their party.

Meanwhile, DUT management issued a statement saying a decision has been taken to completely shut down the university until further notice.

The South African Students Congress is expected to brief the media outside the Steve Biko campus at 10 am on Wednesday morning.

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