Sitole describes his relationship with Cele as “professionally average”

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Outgoing National Police Commissioner General Khehla Sitole has described his relationship with Police Minister Bheki Cele as “professionally average”.

The two have continued to be at loggerheads on issues of prescripts within the South African Police Service (SAPS) and how Sitole should be doing his job as the National Commissioner.

During the July unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng following the incarceration of former President Jacob Zuma, Cele accused General Sitole of being nowhere to be found.

Earlier this year, Cele also said Sitole was a no-show in Parliament to meet with the Portfolio Committee on Police.

General Sitole says he is all about action, making sure that the fight against crime is guided by the policies and prescripts within SAPS.

“My relationship with Police Minister Bheki Cele, I can start by saying is it professionally average, and further indicate that it is governed by prescripts. As we have been working, the interpretation of the prescripts always comes to play. Remember the prescripts would clearly outline the separation of powers,” adds Sitole.

The below video is an exclusive interview with General Khehla Sitole:

Sitole’s working relationship with Cele

In February 2022, Cele accused Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema and Sitole of plotting to have him fired.

Cele made the accusation during his contribution to the SONA debate.

Meanwhile, the South African Police Union (SAPU) has criticised Cele for alleged interference in the work of Sitole.

Sitole denied these allegations in a statement, saying he met with Malema at Cele’s request.

The video below is reporting on Cele’s accusations: