SITA recognises SMME’s developing technology solutions to address social ills

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The State Information Technology Agency (SITA) has recognised and awarded Small, Medium and Micro. Enterprises (SMMEs) that have developed digital technology solutions to address social ills.

A number of SMMEs have presented digital business strategies and products that can be integrated into government’s systems and processes for enhanced service delivery.

SITA recognises SMME’s developing technology solutions to address social ills
 Deaf Awareness Month

In commemoration of deaf awareness month, DeafTouch is among the SMME’s recognised for business ideas that drive digital inclusion

DeafTouch founder, Claybourne Appies has developed a telecommunications application that aims to address communication challenges that plague the deaf community. His mobile application makes it possible for deaf people to access emergency mobile services.

“The deaf community can now use video phones, laptops or any smart device that has a video capability. They’ll be able to sign out and speak directly in sign language to the interpreter or to a deaf agent in a call centre,” says Appies.

SMMEs get recognition for digital inclusion
Digital inclusion
He believes that as the government transforms its operations for the fourth industrial revolution, the digital inclusion of marginalised groups is critical.

“In South Africa, we have about 4 million deaf people that are in need of services. As far as we are into our democracy, you still find a situation where the government is still really unable to service the deaf and the blind communities and even those disadvantaged communities simply because of access. So now that we have technology, we can give access to services, I think the accusations have really been cut out of the equation,” says Appies.

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Facial recognition spectacles

Similar to DeafTouch, REAH Sign Communicate has created facial recognition spectacles that give a deaf person access to a sign language interpreter as they interface with a hearing person in realtime.

Nombuso Nkosi of Reah Sign Communicate says, “The deaf community is abused a lot, but they don’t report such crimes because of the communication barrier. If the police services had such products, it would be easy and they would feel safe – that if I go to a police station, I will be understood and I will be able to report my crime.”

Nkosi  says the product will help if So if  rolled out in police stations and hospitals.

Government has identified the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector as the key driver to bring its services closer to the people.

Mobile applications, facial recognition, and cloud technology are just some of the digital technologies that have been showcased at the 2022 GovTech conference to help improve service delivery.

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