Sins of a City

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February 9, 2012Produced by Dimakatso RaphotoSpecial Assignment investigates the horrid story of sexual exploitation on the streets of Johannesburg. Some young and homeless boys who have to fend for themselves in the unforgiving streets where literally, survival is of the fittest, have to also contend with rich men who find pleasure in sleeping with these powerless and vulnerable boys in exchange for favours.The high rate of drug abuse among these young men also makes them even more vulnerable and reliant on these men, as they continue to feed their dependence on these drugs.In this episode, the viewer will be introduced to this life through the eyes of two young men – Marthinus and Bonga.Marthinus is a young white male who was born into the world of drugs. He left home at the age of eight and has been on the streets for over 10 years. Among others, men offer him food, a bath and money in exchange for sex.We also follow the story of Bonga who, having seen it all, lets us into his world. He has been homeless for eight years, and attests to the cruelty of life in the streets of Johannesburg, especially for young people like himself. We follow his journey as he hustles to make money so that he can get his next meal. Fortunately, he has not fallen into the trap of resorting to sell himself in order to survive.As poverty rates escalate and social problems increase, more and more children find themselves in the streets. They unfortunately get introduced to a world from which it is difficult to withdraw. On the other hand, the perpertrators who exploit them, usually successful business people, find it acceptable to exploit these young men, because they have been abandoned by society which views them as outcasts.Who will stand up of these young men and speak out against their exploitation?

Every Thursday at 9pm on SABC 3

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