Singer Lola Lennox teamed up with her boyfriend, model and musician Braeden Wright as well as her famous mother, Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox, to work on her music during lockdown, producing six tracks for her upcoming debut EP.

London-born Lennox, who lives in Los Angeles, has released two of those songs, “Love Like That” and “Wherever You Go”, this year. Her EP is scheduled for release in 2022.

Reuters spoke to Lennox about her music and working with her mother.

“It is about falling in love with somebody where it finally feels like the right person, but it’s more so to me about falling in love with yourself and finding that level of self-acceptance and being able just to feel comfortable in your own skin. I wanted to uplift people and make them feel just that.”

Growing up, she followed her mum into music, but was apparently too shy to share your music with her.

Lennox says, “The bar in my household for making incredible music was really, really high – probably couldn’t get much higher. So I chose to keep my writing quite secretive.”

“With singing, I was more open with it because I had singing teachers at school. So I was doing a lot of concerts and I was singing, but I didn’t make it a point that I wanted to make this my life as an adult. I wanted to work at it and make it something that I felt proud of before I started to share it.”

She spoke about producing music with her mum and boyfriend during lockdown.

“So there’s a great level of respect in the studio. We both listen. We both feel that the other person has something interesting to offer and that’s worth listening to. We’re both perfectionists … Braeden’s a perfectionist too.

“We really spend time honing every sound that’s in there. And … just spending that time really diving into the details and the subtleties really helps bring out the best of the song,” Lennox adds.