Sihle Zikalala says they’re relieved ANC retained eThekwini Metro mayorship

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The African National Congress (ANC) chairperson in KwaZulu-Natal, Sihle Zikalala says that they’re relieved that the party retained the mayorship of eThekwini, following a partnership with the Abantu Batho Congress (ABC), a smaller party with two seats in the eThekwini council.

Philani Mavundla from the Abantu Batho Congress, who is expected to take up the Deputy Mayor position, helped deliver a win for mayor Mxolisi Kaunda.

Zikalala says that none of the major parties supported them.

“The metro is so big to have a leadership that is just constituted by a mixture of organisations with various differing interests. We’re very grateful. We also want to thank smaller parties that supported us. We were not supported by major political parties. In fact, this is a defeat to the DA, IFP and EFF combined,” says Zikalala.

Zikalala welcomes election of Mxolisi Kaunda as eThekwini: 

Mxolisi Kaunda has been re-elected as mayor with 113 of the 219 votes. Zikalala has thanked the smaller parties for their support.

“We also want to thank smaller parties that supported us and it must be clear we were not supported by any major political parties in fact this is a defeat to the DA, IFP and EFF combined. By saying so we are not arrogant or boasting but we clean to thank those parties that came on board when we were saying let us all come together to protect the revolution and ensure we serve our people.”

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