Significant progress made in reduction of certificate backlogs: Higher Education Deputy Minister Buti Manamela

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The Department of Higher Education and Training says it has made significant progress in the reduction of certificate backlogs in the higher education sector.

The challenge in the certification process includes the issuing of senior certificates for those who graduated from various universities across the country.

While the department cannot reveal the number of academic certificates that are still outstanding, it says it has reduced to about 99% of certificates that were due for distribution last year.

The department’s Deputy Minister Buti Manamela says he is upbeat about the improvement.

“We have made some significant progress in the reduction of certificates backlogs. Some of the steps that we have taken obviously are the establishment of the team comprising of our department, Umalusi and the sector of the state information technology agency … We will also brief the committee on this matter.”

“We have reduced this backlog to almost 99.3% which is almost zero. Furthermore, regional task teams have been set up to address current and future certification matters, in order to strengthen capacity at college level and therefore averting any future backlogs,” says Manamela.